The boyfriend Experience

Special Offers

Upgrade your experience:

1st Booked BFE: Receive extra 10 min for a 25 min chat session if you can tell Me:

1) What are all My acceptable forms of session tribute?

2) What is the title of My latest clip?

3) Who can order online cam sessions?

4) 3 benefits to being an All Star

2nd Booked BFE: Receive 30 min chat session, 4 personal videos if you can tell Me:

1) Name 3 fetishes Mistress Aaliyah enjoys during cam sessions.

2) What are some of the worn items I have for sale?

3) How much does 1 short clip cost? (short clip order)

3rd Booked BFE: Receive 45 min chat session, 5 personal videos if you can tell Me:

1) List 3 different types of in person sessions I offer.

2) Name 3 of My gift / brand preferences.

Email your answers to: worship(dot)aaliyah @ gmail (dot) com along with your BF Exp booking request to receive this official site exclusive offer while it lasts!

An intense, immersive, titillating experience

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