Frequently asinine questions

Navigation & menu options

How do I navigate your mobile site?

The menu is located in the upper right corner as a black square with white lines. Once you tap the drop down icon a menu will appear, it may be long and require you to scroll the page down. There's also a much more reliale menu located at the bottom of the page in the form of a drop up menu. Click the silver tab poking out from the bottom to see another verision of the same menu. Tap the middle of the word for the page you want to go to and wait about 3 - 5 seconds for the new page to load in the same tab. Some links, such as the booking forms will open in a new tab. Browse through the open tabs in your cell or mobile device's browser to see your old and new Mistress Aaliyah tabs/links you've opened. There is also a faint arrow pointing up that will take you to the top of the page you are on.

How do I navigate your desktop version?

This is much easier and a more pretty verision! The menu is a pink navigation bar across the top below the site logo. Hover over the "Home" page and any other pages to see "sub-pages", or pages not formally and foremost displayed in the main menu hub. It is best viewed in Google Chrome at 90%, or 110% for vision problems.

Mistress aaliyah

Who is Mistress Aaliyah?

Mistress Aaliyah has been practicing professionally since 2012 and promoting on social media since 2014, an the official website was estalished in 2015, with the official domain registered in 2017. She is the artist formerly known as: "Princess Kink". This is because "kink" defines Her way of life, as She loves expressing Herself. She is unapologetically a crazy, sexy, freak just born that way! Mistress Aaliyah is a FemDom, FinDom, Foot Goddess, Model, Filmographer, Graphic Designer and overall Fetish Enthusiast.. See introduction video here.

Who is MistressAaliyah . com for?

Submissives, slaves, finsubs, footboys, sissies, freaks, fetish enthusiasts and respectful gentlemen. In order to serve or session with Mistress Aaliyah one must be submissive and comfortable with financial sacrifice. Not all subs that serve Mistress Aaliyah are fin-subs, but they are all paying subs and pay for whatever they ask of Mistress Aaliyah. Not all interactions are paid but everyone who interacts with Mistress Aaliyah pays.

Femdom & other fetish terms

What is a "FinDom"?

A Financial Dominant.  Also known as, Money Mistress.  The one who serves the Mistress, may be referred to as: "money slave,  paypig, moneypig, and/or wallet slave."

What is a "FemDom"?

A Female Dominant. Also known as, Domme, Dominatrix.

What is a s-type, sub, slave, pet, etc.?

A person in BDSM who submits to a Dominant person. A submissive can be a slave and/or the bottom.

What is the difference between "slave" and "sub"?

"submissives need to be told what to do. Slaves need to do what they are told. Slaves simply have an overwhelming need to obey." "A submissive obeys and serves by choosing to do so each time and retains their will. A slave initially makes a choice to obey his/her Mistress/Master at all times."

What is a "finsub"?

Financial submission. Someone who enjoys having their Domme/Mistress control their finances and spend their money. A finsub craves a Dom to control all aspects of their life, an obsession for her wisdom, knowledge and perfection quickly grows into a need to have their decisions and choices, even financial made for them. Many finsubs have vices and frivolous spending habits, and no this does not include tribute, gifts, or payment to to a Mistress. They desire these habits to be controlled by the Dom and no longer wish to spend on store bought supplies, useless videos without their Domme in them, or wasteful entertainment items that don't need and will get tried of it. It is a beautiful thing to admit you crave and need a FinDom.

What is a "wishlist slave"?

A wishlist slave is just how it sounds. This is a slave whom buys off your wishlist for tribute as they get no greater joy than fulfilling your needs and seeing that smile light up and thank you message come across when all items are received. Plus, the items they bought being shown off in pictures can be a great bonus and thrill. There's a rush that comes with pampering a Women through her own selected list of loved items. It is a proud title to own.

I'm new here! What do i do?

I'm new here! What do I look at first? What do all your menu tabs and options mean?

Alright, you asked for it! Here's a crash course in everything Goddess Aaliyah. Since you're here I can tell you know how to read thoroughly and follow directions, so you're off to a great start! First, visit the Home page after reading this FAQ  in full. The Home page will display any updates or new features to be highlighted. OnlyF is your hub of worship. 

Most loyal pets like to start at the: Wishlist tab, which will display My clothing, food, and item preferences for better selecting gifts for Me; in addition to photo examples of items I'm coveting in particular.


On the Wishlist page it shows the Amazon Wishlist. This Amazon list is the same list available in other Mistress Aaliyah links across various platforms. Want Worn Items, Photos, Premade Clips or Custom Video? There is a tab with a booking form in the menu for each of those. Promo is for true fans that want to promote and share Goddess Aaliyah with the world. There I give you ideas for how to better get My attention and promote your #1 Mistress.

Aaliyah's OnlyF

What are Aaliyah's Fans? 

Aaliyah's Fans are an elite group of superfans who have proven their loyalty by consistently supporting Mistress Aaliyah.

How do I become an official Fan?

How do I stay and maintain my Fan status?

Continue your sub.

What are the exclusive benefits available to Fans?


Why do only the Fans get these awesome offers and free content?

If you can't even become My own private member, why should I reward you?


How do I book an In Person / Online session?

Complete your booking form here. Fill out your contact info, requests and limitations, submit and await a reply within 14 days.

What are your session fetishes, Mistress Aaliyah?

I enjoy standing over you, middle fingers up, shopping, cuckolding, humiliation, specifically "loser humiliation", tease & denial, foot fetish, foot worship, butt worship, financial domination, SPH, CBT and mesmerizing you deep wrapping you around My little finger.

Why do I have to fill out the form, why can't I message you directly?

Wanna know a secret? I'm an incredibly forgetful person! Plus, technology always seems to fail Me. I need the form to keep everything straight like the dates and times of our meeting. Sometimes, via social media messages get lost or deleted. My email is only for scheduling so I can find you immediately and have that communication thread started for now and the future. The booking form is sent to my email and I will email you back via the email you provided and you have time to give a detailed, thoughtful response back. The email shows you are committed and not a fly-by booking who's not serious just casually asking in My DMs. I set a reminder from my email directly to my calendar to ensure I never forget any details. This is private communication not shared with anyone. 

How do I fill out the booking form?

You click it and then fill it out truthfully.

Is my information kept private?

Yes, I will always keep your info private unless stated otherwise.

What happens after you review the form? What is your reply like?

After I review the form I will email you back to confirm the booking and inform you of how to send the deposit. The reply has instructions on what to do next and once you reply with your deposit receipt and I can see that it went through you wil receive another email explaining the meeting, what to expect and what the session will look like. Basically, send the form, get a reply, pay your deposit to reserve the time, and finally get another reply from Me so everyone's on the same page. I will confirm with you 3x, once after the session is booked, a few days prior to the session and the day of the session. Cheers!

IN PERSON Sessions

What are the booking donations?

I'm only taking CPMs for in person sessions.

Can I do the deposit in person?


I just want to try out 1 (In Person or Online) session, do I still have to give a deposit?


Can I pay the In Person session tribute in person?

All bookings must tribute at least 40% of their overall booking up front and the rest is allowed in person.

What should I expect in an In Person session?

Everyone's session is different, as the chemistry and mood of the individuals at the time of session may vary. I will greet you in the agreed upon location, you may offer Me sealed beverages, a gift, and/or a tip before W/we begin. If you would like to talk and get to know each other at the beginning of the session that is just fine. Want to know how yours will be? Book now.

Mistress Aaliyah does not engage in or condone any nudity during activities. The submissive is to always keep mental and physical composure and contain themselves during session. No illegal activities are allowed. I will never record, film, photograph or publish your session without express permission.

What should I expect the day of, prior to meeting for the first time?

I will email you a few hours prior to the scheduled session time to remind you of the booking and confirm once again. I don't like to use my phone and drive so the hour before the session I may not respond in real time. If I confirmed earlier that day, trust I am on my way to our meeting location to talk more in person!

How should I prepare the session location for you?

The space should be neat and clean, clear the clutter. Vacuum, dust, wipe down surfaces, do your laundry, re-organize your magazines, and overall look presentable. Be sure to isolate and separate your animals from the session area hours prior to the scheduled time. This will give you time to vacuum up pet dander. Absolutely no smoking indoors within 3 hours prior to the session! I have a sensitive nose, I wouldn't want to be sneezing all day! After all, you want to impress Me, don't you? Make sure the place is well lit, with natural lighting being the best. I'm not trying to bump My precious toes in the dark! Not cool! (Yes, this happened before.) I prefer above room temperate thermostat settings, set your system to around 77 - 79F, make sure there's no chill or I'll need to cover up with a blanket! Haha. Offering Me bottled, sealed water and intact sealed appetizers, or safety sealed hors d'oeuvre will be that extra step to ensure I want to see you again and again! A small (or big!) gift like an anklet, pantyhose you want Me to wear, cute socks, a giftcard, or sealed chocolates to end a session right will always be a hit! Go above and beyond and W/we'll have fun for years to come!

What should I wear during sessions?

Whatever I tell you to. Otherwise, be classy and casual.

What are acceptable RT session locations?

This will be discussed. CPMs only.

I'm kind of nervous, can we meet ahead of time to see if W/we click and get more comfortable?

Either you want Me or you're stupid. I'm perfect, gtfo.

I have a question you didn't answer for sessions / I want to know about / Can I bring...

If you have a legitimate booking request and an inquiry, fill out your booking form here and email at: Worship (dot) Aaliyah (at) gmail (dot) com - no spaces, caps do not apply here. If you ask something that is clearly stated here I will simply redirect you to this FAQ.

Should I tip you?

What do you think?

Online Sessions

What should I expect in an Online session?

After I have received and approved your session application, you will send tribute and will be connected with Mistress Aaliyah at the agreed upon date/time for the duration of the time stated. Fun, mystery, tingles, euphoria. 

I just want to chat with you and ask a couple questions... Do I still have to book an online session?

Join OnlyFans to DM me. Most questions and messages I get can be answered here. Do yourself a favor and don't be that guy. you wouldn't walk into the doctor's office and ask for a free consultation, would you? The email displayed here is for gift cards, tribute, payment and booking with Mistress Aaliyah only.

How much notice should I given for a session?

Rule of thumb is the more notice the better, you should aim for 14 days ahead of time with first time RT meeting, and 5 days ahead of time for all Online. Always stay updated on social media for more info!


I live outside of your area - USA, but I still want to book with you: what do I do?

All above protocol still applies. The tribute and expectations remain the same. First, you'll need to submit a booking form just like everyone else, then send Me an email explaining the situation. your email will be ignored without the form also submitted as well. Next, await My response and we'll devise the best plan of action. I'll typically need tribute for the flight, hotel arrangements, transport to and from session location and the session itself.

Wait, flight? Hotel? Why do I have to tribute for all that? Don't most models do tours?

Yes, and I have toured as well. However, all tours are sponsored by somebody. you absolutely have the opportunity to meet Me if you live out of state but keep in mind you're asking Me to visit you and My arrangements must be covered somehow especailly if I'm visiting one single person only for them. Ya dig?

I'm willing to cover your flight, however I just want to see you briefly, a hour or so, do I still need to get a hotel?

No, if you'd like to see Me for a hour, I will just get a same day flight. If you wish to see Me longer than a day a hotel is required. I will not overnight in a residence of an unknown fan.

I live outside the USA country and I would love to book you for an extended stay; how may I earn this privilege, Goddess?

Sub to My OF and tip everyday.

iWantClips Store

How do I buy your clips? Do you have any other clips?

My clips are hosted by 'iWantClips", "APClips" and "KinkBomb". I also take custom orders through My website directly, here.


I just need a little tease right now!! Do you have short quick yet still HD clips?

Join OnlyFans, otherwise: order short clips here.

How much are custom clips?

$80 - 5 min | $11/min | $110 - 10 min, $165 - 15 min, $220 - 20 min when ordered directly.

Why are your rates priced this way?

I sell clips for around $1 - $2/min on My clip store. Therefore, I would resell your 5 minute clip for about $10. Custom orders can be very specific, extreme, and uncharacteristic of the store and therefore possibly unlikely to have a reasonable re-sale value.

I create quality clips. I provide the extra effort to change angles and blend the transitions seamlessly in the post editing process. I do all My own editing so it's not like you're just paying a model for a scene, you're paying for hair & makeup, lighting and camera set-up, smart monologues, thoughtful storylines, video editing, audio editing for Mesmerize/ASMR clips and the uploading work. Altogether, organizing, filming, editing and uploading one 15 min clip could take up to 8 hours which basically comes out to $20/hour. The rendering, or saving process, and the uploading speed are so slow alone, it can add hours to the process.

How do I order 5min+ HD professional custom clips?

Submit your payment, see below, for desired clip length and email your script to: worship(dot)aaliyah (at) gmail (dot) com.


How do I order items such as: shoes, socks, hosiery, delicates and more?

Good question! Most items you can think of are available and you may suggest a certain color, style or item you've seen on Mistress Aaliyah prior provided it's not already purchased. Order items here.

What does the package include?

The items you ordered are vacuum sealed and packaged as soon as they are ready! One will also receive digital photos of the items worn, digital photos of the items packaged, and a personalized note from yours truly.

How much does shipping cost?

Smaller, lighter items are anywhere from $7 - $13 and larger items like shoes are $9 - $13 for 1 -4 business day priority delivery because of this I require $10 for materials, shipping and postage within the US. Expedited 3 Day Shipping is around $35 per 2lbs or pair of shoes. The more weight, the more the shipping. Only Fans enjoy free shipping with orders above $100, for Standard Ground (1-7 Day Shipping) within the US mainlands.

How soon will the items arrive?

Most items arrive anywhere from 1 - 4 business days after being shipped unless expedited priority shipping is selected by you. I will update you as the item is sent and check back in at a later time to get your feedback. Enjoy! Edit: Not shipping items until April 27th.


Where is your Amazon Wishlist?

All of My wishlists, including Amazon are located on the Wishlist tab.

How do I navigate your Amazon Wishlist? What should I get you? What do these notes mean? What are Amazon list item priority levels?

Easy tiger, I like your gumption My pet. All good questions! The top of the Wishlist will display a message, an introduction from yours truly, I may write a current goal or shout out an amazing fan there. Most often the items of great importance will be at the top, alternatively they could be the most recently added items as well.  My preferences for size, color, brand, type, and materials are listed in depth on the Wishlist tab.


What is a "tribute"?

1. an act, statement, or gift that is intended to show gratitude, respect, or admiration. "the video is a tribute to the musicals of the '40s" synonyms:    accolade, praise, commendation, appreciation; gift, present, offering;  "a tribute band" 

2. historical payment made periodically by one state or ruler to another, especially as a sign of dependence.

A tribute is sent as a gesture and sign of appreciation, admiration, and gratitude without necessairly expecting anything in return.

What are the acceptable gift methods?

GiftRocket, USA - Visa, Mastercard, Amex, & Discover. iWantClips via Tribute - Visa, Mastercard. Kinkbomb via Tribute - Visa, Mastercard, Bitcoin. Amazon Giftcards or Amazon Allowance, sent to: Worship (dot) Aaliyah (at) gmail (dot) com - no spaces, remove the "()" and replace with period and at symbol in places instructed. Session and product payment methods are slightly different, see below.

What are the acceptable session, clip and worn item tribute methods? View more info and detail below.

iWantClips via Tribute - Visa, Mastercard. Kinkbomb via Tribute - Visa, Mastercard, Bitcoin, Only Fans. Amazon is not an acceptable form of payment or deposit. subs that have served in person for years or financed homes via clips will be given alternative methods.

How will this appear on my bank/credit card statement?

iWantClips via Tribute or Product Sales - "IWC International". Kinkbomb via Tribute or Sales - "KB Media Group Inc.". These are safe, respected organizations. If you think someone will know what these mean, they won't, and if they do you'll know why.

Do you handle the transaction directly? / I have a problem with my payment going through...

I do not handle these transfers directly or have any influence over financial disputes. If you encounter an issue use the help desk/support ticket service on the site for your choosing. All organizations have the reputation of responding in a timely and proficient manner.

Short Privacy Policy:     

1) We keep all your personal information secret. We absolutely hate spam, so we don't spam you. 

2) We do not sell, rent nor spam any email addresses processed by our service.

3) If you wish to not receive any promotional emails, send an email stating "unsubscribe" to stop all emails from MA official site.

See full: Privacy Policy here

"I hate men who are afraid of women's strength"

- anais nin